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This weekend we will close out our Summer Fun Days  series with a Soca and  Reggae  #soreggae party, while raising funds for those ravaged by the storm in the Caribbean but in particular Dominica, the homeland of the lead singer of DNA”s Music Entertainment , Athenia Henderson. 

Proceeds from the show will be used to purchase most needed items  - food , water , first aid and emergency supplies for family, relatives,  friends, acquaintances and beyond in the once pristine and luscious island.

Dominica , situated between Maritinque and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean suffered the hardest blow of any hurricane to reach the island in modern history.  The island is home to about 70,000 people  who live mainly on the coast or along rivers.  While only streams on a regular day, during Hurricane Maria they became raging water ways carrying debris and 100 year old trees uprooted from the vast  forest, into homes and onto roadways. Lives were lost, property damaged and food and water  supplies were destroyed.

In our effort to assist we  are asking that our fans 

1) leave a donation on our event site  using the donate button,  





2) purchase a ticket 




3) or send us your donation  , check or money  order to 

DNA’s Music Entertainment Inc 

135 Bennington Parkway 

Franklin Park NJ 08823 




4) We can also take credit card payments securely over the phone. 



5) Alternately we will have a drop off basket at the Event #soreggae on September 30th 2017  for any one who wants to bring cash donation .

Mara's - 3602 Rt 35 N South Amboy NJ 

6) We will have a barrel provided for any one who wants to bring medical supplies to assist those who need medical attention.


Items needed 

baby care - powder , lotion, wipes, diapers, formula, bottles , disposable bottles ,

adult care - adult diapers, powder, lotion, bandages, antiseptics

first aid -  bandages , band aids, ointments, scissors , cause , q tips , cotton swabs, lotion, shampoo, hand wash, hand wipes, can openers,  hand sanitizers, ointments , water purification tablets , water purification bottles / systems ( small) 

Cash donations will be used for : increase communications amongst families via phone ‘top ups’  purchase much needed items  on government list to be sent to government drop off centers for further distribution. 

Currently we can’t send items to individuals and have to use drop off centers authorized by the Government of Dominica 



DNA's Music Entertainement Inc 

Athenia Henderson

Devon Atherley 



(201) 982-1473 

(732) 865 -3725




--We have been participating in relief efforts conducted by official government drop off centers